William Atkins

William Atkins is the author of The Immeasurable World: A Desert Journey, which won the 2019 Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year, and a book about places of political exile, forthcoming in 2022. He is the guest editor of Granta 157: Should We Have Stayed at Home. From Antarctica and the deserts of the US-Mexico border, to a Siberian whale-killing station and the alleyways of Taipei, these dispatches describe a world in perpetual motion (even when it is 'locked-down'). To travel, we are reminded, is to embrace the experience of being a stranger - to acknowledge that one person's frontier is another's home.

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Should We Have Stayed At Home?

Should We Have Stayed at Home? Celebrate the publication of a travel-writing issue of Granta as we reflect on the meaning of travel in 2021.