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Nick Hayes
George Monbiot
Peter Armstrong
Franny Armstrong
Karen Shackleton

5x15 on Rivercide

Join George Monbiot and Franny Armstrong on their quest to restore our rivers, to make them clean, swimmable, a rich diverse home to fish, birds and animals.
In Conversation
Robin Wall Kimmerer
Robin Wall Kimmerer
Lucy jones
Lucy Jones

Robin Wall Kimmerer and Lucy Jones

Join us to explore the natural history and cultural relationships of mosses with Robin Wall Kimmerer and Lucy Jones at 5x15
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Headshot 2
Jess Phillips
Everything You Really Need to Know About Politics

Jess Phillips at 5x15

Politics affects us all. Join 5x15 with Jess Phillips as we go inside the daily realities of Westminster and life as an MP.
In Conversation
Susanna Clarke author photo colour c Sarah Lee
Susanna Clarke
Neil Gaiman bio
Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman in conversation with Susanna Clarke

Step into the strange and mysterious world of bestselling author Susanna Clarke as she discusses her spectacular new novel, Piranesi, with the celebrated writer Neil Gaiman at 5x15

5x15 September: 5 female writers, 15 minutes

Join 5x15 in September for five short talks by a diverse group of female writers whose work explores the complex challenges of the modern world.
In Conversation
Anil seth bio
Anil Seth
Adam Rutherford by Stefan Jakubowski
Adam Rutherford

Being You- Anil Seth in conversation with Adam Rutherford

Join Anil Seth and Adam Rutherford in this 5x15 event for a discussion about consciousness that will turn what you thought you knew about yourself on its head.
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Marcus du Sautoy- Thinking Better: The Art of the Shortcut

Join us for this event with Marcus du Sautoy and shortcut your route to being more creative, strategic and more efficient.
In Conversation
Dan Saladino 1
Dan Saladino
Rosie Boycott bio
Rosie Boycott

Dan Saladino- Eating to Extinction

Join Rosie Boycott in conversation with Dan Saladino for a discussion about what food extinction means for both humanity and the future of the planet.
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5x15 presents: Penguin Green Ideas with Jared Diamond

Join us to explore what ancient cultures can teach us about preserving our natural resources to build a fairer, saner, greener world.