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Carlo arms crossed by Jamie Stoker
Carlo Rovelli
Author photo all rights cleared credit Jeff Mikkelson
Oliver Burkeman
Four Thousand Weeks

Carlo Rovelli and Oliver Burkeman

Join 5x15 online with two extraordinary thinkers - leading theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli and best-selling author Oliver Burkeman
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Lucy Siegle
Phoebe English
Aja Barber
Kenya Hunt
Haeni Kim

Future Talks: 5x15 x Fenwick: How Does Fashion Get the Next 10 Years Right?

5x15 has teamed up with Fenwick to examine the most pressing challenges, practices and innovations impacting the fashion industry today & explore what the future could look like
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Jonathan Drori
For the Love of Plants
Nicola Spence
For the Love of Plants

Jonathan Drori and Nicola Spence

Join 5x15 with Jonathan Drori and Nicola Spence on the power of plants.
Featuring Talks By:
Sam Knight
Jack Parlett
Philip Lymbery
Lucy Siegle
Katy Hessel

5 Speakers, 15 Minutes Each - October 2022

Join us online in October and journey from the ground beneath your feet, to island utopias and the outer edges of reason
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Tom Mustill
Tom Mustill
How To Speak Whale
Lucy jones
Lucy Jones
In conversation

Tom Mustill: How to Speak Whale

Join 5x15 to explore how science could change our relationship with animals forever
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Abi3 Lorna Milburn
Abi Morgan
This is Not a Pity Memoir
DAVID NICHOLLS 2nd option author photo 2019 Credit Sophia Spring
David Nicholls
In conversation

Abi Morgan and David Nicholls

Join 5x15 online with Abi Morgan and David Nicholls for an unmissable conversation
Featuring Talks By:
Raynor Winn
Suzanne Wrack
Gail Whiteman
Lucy Worsley
Guy Shrubsole

5 Speakers, 15 Minutes Each - November 2022

Join us in November for an evening of urgent stories on the environment, enigmatic authors, life-changing journeys and triumphant Lionesses