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Amia Srinivasan Credit Nina Subin
Amia Srinivasan
The Right to Sex
Lisa Taddeo
Lisa Taddeo
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Amia Srinivasan and Lisa Taddeo on The Right to Sex

Join 5x15 to hear philosopher Amia Srinivasan, bestselling author of The Right to Sex, in conversation with the author of Three Women, Lisa Taddeo.
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Geoff Dyer
Leila Mottley
Jackie Morris
Jonathan Freedland
Alexandre Antonelli

5x15 - 5 Speakers, 15 Minutes Each - June 2022

Join us in June for an online evening of extraordinary true-life stories, beautiful books and the finest new fiction
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George Monbiot
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Franny Armstrong

Regenesis: George Monbiot and Franny Armstrong

Join George Monbiot for a discussion of his new book Regenesis offering a profoundly hopeful vision for the future of food