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Moggach Lottie 550x825
Lottie Moggach
Relative Values
Deborah Moggach
Relative Values
Lucy Hughes-Hallett
Relative Values

Relative Values with Rathbones Folio Prize

Is the creative gene inherited or can it be learned? Can we answer the question of nature or nurture by looking at the lives of writers?
In Conversation
Elizabeth Day 2021 33
Elizabeth Day
Emma Gannon HD Adam Brazier
Emma Gannon

Elizabeth Day and Emma Gannon

Join 5x15 for a very special evening with bestselling author and chart-topping podcaster Elizabeth Day, in conversation with Emma Gannon.
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Alex Preston
in conversation

Paul Auster in conversation

Join us to hear the acclaimed novelist Paul Auster discuss his work in conversation with critic Alex Preston
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Paul Auster
Burning Boy
Alex Preston
In conversation

Paul Auster and Alex Preston

Join us to hear celebrated novelist Paul Auster discuss his work in conversation with critic Alex Preston.
In Conversation
Robin About
Robin Ince
Pippa E 546 Edit
Pippa Evans

Robin Ince and Pippa Evans

Join us as we welcome comedian and Infinite Monkey Cage star Robin Ince to 5x15, to discuss the wonders of science in conversation with performer Pippa Evans.
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Brian Eno
Ben Okri
Charlotte Jarvis
Carolina Caycedo
Olafur Eliasson
Emtithal Mahmoud
Amitav Ghosh
Wilson Oryema
Neil Gaiman
Kim Stanley Robinson

5x15 at COP26

As COP26 draws to a close, we’re looking forward to the road ahead and exploring the power of imagination to drive change – for humans, for animals, for flora and fauna.
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Steven pinker by rose lincoln harvard university
Steven Pinker
Tim Harford book Photo credit Fran Monks
Tim Harford

Steven Pinker and Tim Harford

Rationality matters. Steven Pinker discusses a user’s guide to rationality during an epidemic of unreason.
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Shon Faye author pic credit Paul Samuel White
Shon Faye
The Transgender Issue
Emma Dabiri c Jermaine Francis HIGH RES
Emma Dabiri
What White People Can Do Next

Emma Dabiri and Shon Faye

Join 5x15 online for a conversation on the theme of coalition-building with pioneering thinkers and writers
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Dennis Duncan
Dennis Duncan
Index, A History of The
John Lloyd 1 presenter 652x186
John Lloyd
In Conversation

Dennis Duncan and John Lloyd

Join us with Dennis Duncan and John Lloyd for a riveting story of ambition, obsession and alphabetical order…
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14 08 20 James Rebanks
James Rebanks
English Pastoral
Rosie Boycott bio
Rosie Boycott

James Rebanks on English Pastoral

Join 5x15 to hear bestselling author James Rebanks as he reflects on his prize-winning new book, English Pastoral; the countryside we’ve inherited, and the legacy we want to leave.