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Featuring Talks By:
George Butler
Tahmima Anam
Lawrence Wright
Arifa Akbar
Lisa Taddeo

June 5x15 with George Butler, Lawrence Wright and Arifa Akbar

Join us in June for an evening of personal quests and explosive road trips, fantastic fiction and incisive reportage.
Featuring Talks By:
Suzanne simard
Suzanne Simard
Finding the Mother Tree
Jonathan Drori
Around the World In 80 Trees

Finding the Mother Tree

Join us with two world leading experts Suzanne Simard and Jonathan Drori to discover the mysterious world of trees
Featuring Talks By:
Kate Mosse c Ruth Crafer high res
Kate Mosse
An Extra Pair of Hands

Kate Mosse - An Extra Pair of Hands

Kate Mosse joins us at 5x15 to discuss An Extra Pair of Hands: A story of caring, ageing and everyday acts of love
Featuring Talks By:
Brian Eno
Rob Hopkins
Carolina Caycedo
Kostas Stasinopoulos

140 Artists' Ideas for Planet Earth

Bringing together artists and thinkers to discuss the climate emergency. With Brian Eno, Rob Hopkins, Kostas Stasinopoulos, Carolina Caycedo & chair Rosie Boycott
Central Hall Westminster, SW1H
In Conversation
Polly Samson2019c Harry Borden
Polly Samson
DG Polly shot
David Gilmour

Cancelled: A Theatre for Dreamers: An evening of words and music

Featuring Talks By:
Thumbnail Monty crop A1889
Monty Don
This is Your Mind on Plants
Michael pollan highres 2
Michael Pollan
This is Your Mind on Plants:

Michael Pollan and Monty Don

This is Your Mind on Plants: A conversation with Monty Don and Michael Pollan
Featuring Talks By:
Emma Barnett
Emma Barnett
Period: It's About Bloody Time

Emma Barnett- It's About Bloody Time

Emma Barnett, Woman’s Hour presenter, comes back to 5x15 for an unmissable conversation with interviewer Rosie Boycott
Featuring Talks By:
Lionel Shriver
Jack Guinness
Nick Crane
Hollie McNish

July 5x15 with Lionel Shriver and Nick Crane

Join us in July for a special celebration of poetry, prose and human ingenuity.
Featuring Talks By:

Sebastian Junger on Freedom

Join us for this event as we discuss community, individualism and an experiment in personal autonomy, but also in interdependence.
Featuring Talks By:
Nick Hayes
George Monbiot
Peter Armstrong
Franny Armstrong

5x15 on Rivercide

Join George Monbiot and Franny Armstrong on their quest to restore our rivers, to make them clean, swimmable, a rich diverse home to fish, birds and animals.
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Wade Davis @ 5x15 - Cultures at Risk

Wade Davis is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker whose work has taken him from the Amazon to Tibet, Africa to Australia, Polynesia to the Arctic.