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Featuring Talks By:
Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
Linda Colley
Ed Caesar
Polly Samson
Philip Hoare

5x15 Special: Great Lives

Join us for an inspirational journey across seven centuries and hear the incredible true stories behind five extraordinary lives.
Featuring Talks By:
Isabel Dedring
Rohan Silva
Chris Boardman
Kate Elliot

The Earth Convention - Sustainable Cities

5x15 and Rathbones present the sixth session in The Earth Convention series looking at Sustainable Cities
Featuring Talks By:
Carlo arms crossed by Jamie Stoker
Carlo Rovelli
Marcus Du Sautoy 652x186
Marcus du Sautoy
in conversation

Carlo Rovelli on Helgoland in conversation with Marcus du Sautoy

Join us to hear master story teller and theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli in conversation with Marcus du Sautoy.
Featuring Talks By:
Edmund De Waal
Horatio Clare
Walter Isaacson
Sam Lee
Suzanne O’Sullivan

April 5x15 with Edmund de Waal, Suzanne O'Sullivan, Horatio Clare and more

Join us in April for an evening of art, science and deeply personal storytelling.
Featuring Talks By:
Adam Grant
Laura McInerney
Jaiden Corfield
Charlotte Church
Andria Zafirakou
Big Change

A New Education Story with Big Change

After a year of homeschooling and no exams, it’s time to ask big questions about education. What do we want to hold onto, what must we get back to, and what needs a rethink?
Featuring Talks By:
Sarah Raven Profile
Sarah Raven
A Year Full of Flowers
Jonathan Drori
Around the World in 80 Plants
Tim Smit
Tim Smit
The Eden Project

Jonathan Drori, Sarah Raven and Tim Smit

Join us to discover the extraordinary secrets of plants, flowers and gardens around the world – and through the year.
Featuring Talks By:
Natalie haynes0361
Natalie Haynes
Pandora's Jar
Bettany bio template2
Bettany Hughes
Venus and Aphrodite

Bettany Hughes and Natalie Haynes

Join 5x15 with Natalie Haynes and Bettany Hughes- two leading historians who are giving voice to the women, girls and goddesses of the ancient world.
Featuring Talks By:
Beverly Daniel Tatum
Beverly Daniel Tatum
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
Emma Dabiri c Jermaine Francis HIGH RES
Emma Dabiri
What White People Can Do Next
Georgina Lawton
Georgina Lawton

Emma Dabiri and Beverly Daniel Tatum

Join 5x15 with Emma Dabiri and Beverly Daniel Tatum
Featuring Talks By:
Alison Bechdel
Giles Fraser
Timothy Garton Ash
Mona Eltahawy
Ian Goldin

May 5x15 with Ian Goldin, Giles Fraser, Mona Eltahawy and more

Join us in May for an evening of necessary sins and journeys through faith; personal quests and bold visions of the future post-Covid.
Featuring Talks By:
1 OL by Sophie Davidson
Olivia Laing
Susie Orbach
In conversation

Olivia Laing and Susie Orbach

On Bodies, Protest, Gender and Freedom: hear the acclaimed author Olivia Laing discuss her timely new book, Everybody, in conversation with leading psychotherapist Susie Orbach.
Featuring Talks By:
Suzanne simard
Suzanne Simard
Finding the Mother Tree
Jonathan Drori
Around the World In 80 Trees

Finding the Mother Tree

Join us with two world leading experts Suzanne Simard and Jonathan Drori to discover the mysterious world of trees
Central Hall Westminster, SW1H
In Conversation
Polly Samson2019c Harry Borden
Polly Samson
DG Polly shot
David Gilmour

Cancelled: A Theatre for Dreamers: An evening of words and music

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