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Featuring Talks By:
Eliot Higgins Credit SKUP
Eliot Higgins
We Are Bellingcat
AMELIA GENTLEMAN credit Sophia Springedit
Amelia Gentleman
The Windrush Betrayal
Peter Geoghegan 2
Peter Geoghegan
Democracy for Sale

5x15: Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, Amelia Gentleman and Peter Geoghegan

Join us for an evening of stories of ground-breaking investigations, government cover-ups and dark money.
In Conversation
Elizabeth Kolbert Credit Barry Goldstein
Elizabeth Kolbert
Small Wallace Wells David 046f 2
David Wallace Wells

Elizabeth Kolbert and David Wallace-Wells

Join us to journey into the future with Elizabeth Kolbert on her new book Under a White Sky in conversation with David Wallace-Wells.
Featuring Talks By:
Rebecca Solnit c Trent Davis Bailey
Rebecca Solnit
Recollections of My Non-Existence
Mary Beard bio
Mary Beard
in conversation

Rebecca Solnit and Mary Beard: Recollections of My Non-Existence

We are delighted to bring together Rebecca Solnit and Mary Beard in a digital event to celebrate the paperback publication of Recollections of My Non-Existence.
Featuring Talks By:
Rob Penn
Slow Rise
Colin Tudge
The Great Re-Think
Rosie Boycott bio
Rosie Boycott

The Story of Bread

Join two brilliant writers – Rob Penn and Colin Tudge - to discuss how food shapes the world, what's gone wrong, and how we can put it right
Featuring Talks By:
Partha Dasgupta
Gabrielle Walker
Tony Juniper

The Earth Convention: Biodiversity

5x15 and Rathbones present the fifth session in The Earth Convention series which looks at biodiversity, natural capital and oceans.
Featuring Talks By:
John Preston
Monique Roffey
Lee Lawrence
Michael Rosen
Thomasina Miers

March 15th 5x15 - 5 speakers, 15 minutes each

Join us online for an electrifying evening of storytelling
In Conversation
David Baddiel BIO
David Baddiel
Z Xv Gu7 MR
Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss Meets David Baddiel

Bari Weiss in Conversation with David Baddiel on Jews Don't Count
Featuring Talks By:
Alexander Mc Call Smith Feb2019 115 image copyright Kirsty Anderson
Alexander McCall Smith
in conversation
James Naughtie
in conversation

Alexander McCall Smith and James Naughtie

Join us for an intimate evening ‘at home’ with the multi-million selling Alexander McCall Smith in conversation with James Naughtie.
Featuring Talks By:
Carlo arms crossed by Jamie Stoker
Carlo Rovelli
Marcus Du Sautoy 652x186
Marcus du Sautoy
in conversation

Carlo Rovelli on Helgoland in conversation with Marcus du Sautoy

Join us to hear master story teller and theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli in conversation with Marcus du Sautoy.
Featuring Talks By:
Sarah Raven Profile
Sarah Raven
A Year Full of Flowers
Jonathan Drori
Around the World in 80 Plants
Tim Smit
Tim Smit
The Eden Project

Jonathan Drori, Sarah Raven and Tim Smit

Join us to discover the extraordinary secrets of plants, flowers and gardens around the world – and through the year.
Central Hall Westminster, SW1H
In Conversation
Polly Samson2019c Harry Borden
Polly Samson
DG Polly shot
David Gilmour

Now moved to 2021: A Theatre for Dreamers: An evening of words and music with Polly Samson and David Gilmour

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