Lea Ypi

Lea Ypi’s memoir of growing up in communist Albania, FREE, is an unforgettable coming-of-age story exploring the meaning of freedom in all its forms. It was hailed by Phillipe Sands as ‘a lyrical memoir, of deep and affecting power, of the sweet smell of humanity mingled with flesh, blood and hope’ and was shortlisted for the 2021 Costa Biography Award and the 2021 Baille Gifford Prize. Lea Ypi is Professor of Political Theory at the London School of Economics, and Political Science and Adjunct Professor in Philosophy at the Australian National University. She speaks six languages and lives in London.

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Featuring Talks By:
Lea Ypi
Luke Harding
The Secret Barrister
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5x15: 5 speakers, 15 minutes each with Luke Harding and The Secret Barrister

Join us in May as we explore the law, the meaning of freedom, the limits of reason & gain unrivalled insight into current events in Ukraine