Simon Schama


Simon Schama is Columbia University Professor of Art History and History. He previously taught history at Cambridge and art history and history at Harvard. His books have been translated into fifteen languages and include Patriots and Liberators: Revolution and Government in the Netherlands 1780-1813 (1977); The Embarrassment of Riches (1987); Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution (1989); Landscape and Memory (1995); Rembrandt's Eyes (1999); the History of Britain trilogy (2000-2002); Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution (2006); The Power of Art (2007); The Story of the Jews (2014). His books have won the Wolfson Award for History, the W.H Smith Prize for Literature, the National Academy of Arts and Letters Award for Literature.

His television work for the BBC and PBS as writer-presenter includes two films on Rembrandt; a five part series based on Landscape and Memory; the award-winning, Emmy-nominated "A History of Britain"; a film on Tolstoy; a ninety minute adaptation of Rough Crossings; and the eight part series "The Power of Art."