Siddarth Shrikanth


Siddarth Shrikanth holds a BA in Biological Sciences from Oxford, an MBA from Stanford and an MPA from Harvard. He previously worked in corporate sustainability for McKinsey and environmental policy for The World Bank, and has written for the Financial Times and Canary. He now lives in London and works in climate and nature investing.

His book The Case for Nature, which will be published by Duckworth in May, offers a radically hopeful manifesto for reinventing our economies to save our planet. The book sets out with powerful clarity how protecting nature is both the right thing to do, and in our economic interests; how, taking a cue from many indigenous worldviews, nature must be woven into our modern societies, not set apart. It introduces the pioneers of the nature-positive revolution who are tackling the biodiversity crisis and explains ‘natural capital’, giving us the tools to understand how our economies can work with, not against, our living planet.

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The Earth Convention - The Four Elements: Earth

5x15 and Rathbones present the Four Elements, the second series of panels in the Earth Convention series. First up, Earth.