Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee is a professor of sustainability at Lancaster University and the founder of Small World Consulting, a world leader in supply chain carbon metrics and management that has worked with organisations of all sizes, from the world's largest tech giants to supermarkets to micro businesses. Mike makes regular speaking, TV and radio appearances to promote awareness of sustainability and climate change issues. He is also the author of The Burning Question and There Is No Planet B. His latest book is a fully updated version of How Bad Are Bananas.


Rathbones: The Earth Convention - Jonathon Porritt, Farhana Yamin, Mike Berners-Lee, Matt Crossman

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The Earth Convention - Energy and Finance

Online, Via Zoom
Online, Via Zoom
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For the second event in the Earth Convention series from 5x15 and Rathbones we look at creating a green transition in energy and finance.