Reema Reid

Mother of four, Reema Reid, began her career as a school meals supervisor and teaching assistant. She went on to train as a teacher, middle leader, senior leader and is now an award-winning headteacher. As one of the very small number of black headteachers in Southwark, Reema is committed to providing an inclusive educational experience for all pupils, as well as ensuring the teaching workforce in London is representative of London’s population. During the pandemic Reema responded to the prospect of up to 40% of her pupils’ families being plunged into poverty by joining forces with School Food Matters to provide breakfast and lunch boxes for the school community. She believes that good nutrition must be embedded into the school culture and embraces all the food education opportunities that School Food Matters has to offer.

Past Events

5x15 x School Food Matters

The Tabernacle, W11
The Tabernacle, W11
Event Featuring

Join us for a very special 5x15 event on food, to celebrate the 15th year of the amazing charity School Food Matters. All proceeds from the tickets go to the charity.