Oenone Forbat

Oenone Forbat is an influencer, author, podcaster and fledgling comedian. Her Instagram account started off as a fitness and wellness page but has since evolved into a warm and welcoming hub for other 20-somethings navigating this uncertain time in their lives. She now creates content about books, sustainable fashion, modern day dilemmas, and everything in between, as well as her more recent love of painting. Oenone has amassed a hugely loyal following of over 100k and has nurtured a tight knit community over years lived online. She frequently hosts book clubs that sell out in seconds. Her podcast Adulting - about all of the things we never got taught in school - has been downloaded over 4 million times. Oenone now co-hosts the brand new podcast, Everything Is Content, and last year she published her debut memoir, Bad Influence; Reflections of a life lived online.

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5x15 x Fenwick: Fresh Perspectives

Fenwick Kingston, KT1
Fenwick Kingston, KT1
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For a fresh look at our approach to self-care, relationships, creativity and more, join us for an exclusive panel talk at Fenwick Kingston, hosted by Chanté Joseph.