5x15 x Fenwick: Fresh Perspectives

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Wood Street, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1TX
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For a fresh look at our approach to self-care, relationships, creativity and more, join us for an exclusive panel talk at Fenwick Kingston, hosted by Chanté Joseph.

Chanté Joseph
Our host

Chanté Joseph is a writer, presenter and host of the Guardian's Pop Culture Podcast. A versatile journalist, Chanté frequently writes for publications including British Vogue, The Guardian, Gal-Dem, Complex, The I-Paper, Huffington Post and Vice with her work ranging from celebrity interviews to cultural commentary and first-person reportage. Chanté presented Channel 4’s How Not To Be Racist for two seasons as well as stand-alone show House of Horoscopes. Chanté is a skilled public speaker and regularly gives keynote speeches and hosts panel discussions. She has collaborated with brands such as Bumble, Adidas, Spotify and YouTube as a content producer. Chanté's first book A Quick Ting On: The Black British Power Movement, is due out in 2024.

Elizabeth Uviebinené

Elizabeth Uviebinené is the Founder of Storia, a journaling app that bridges the gap between individual introspection and the human need for community. She is a multi-award-winning author of five books, including the bestseller Slay In Your Lane, which created a new category in the publishing market. Elizabeth is a Life Skills Columnist at Grazia, and she is passionate about creating a community-focused working future, as she shared in her book The Reset. She has been awarded a Leading Woman in Europe by Ad Age, a Marie Claire Future Shaper, and the Groucho Maverick award for being a culturally progressive innovator. Elizabeth is a trustee at Young Women’s Trust - an organisation working to achieve economic empowerment for young women.

Emma-Louise Boynton

Emma-Louise Boynton is a writer, broadcaster and founder and host of the award-winning, sell-out live event series and media platform, Sex Talks. Launched in 2021 and inspired by Emma-Louise’s personal experience doing sex therapy, Sex Talks exists to engender more open and honest conversations around typically taboo topics including sex, relationships and the future of intimacy. Emma-Louise previously worked as a producer for the BBC and Sky News here in London, and for Tina Brown’s ‘Women in The World Summit’ in New York. She also co-founded the female-focused creative agency, Her Hustle, which worked to inspire young women to pursue the careers they wanted, on their own terms, and she set up the non-partisan newsletter platform, The Venn, to help educate people about the issues behind the headlines ahead of the 2020 U.S. election. Emma-Louise has written for the Independent, ES Magazine, The Stack, Semaine and more. She is currently writing her first book.

Oenone Forbat

Oenone Forbat is an influencer, author, podcaster and fledgling comedian. Her Instagram account started off as a fitness and wellness page but has since evolved into a warm and welcoming hub for other 20-somethings navigating this uncertain time in their lives. She now creates content about books, sustainable fashion, modern day dilemmas, and everything in between, as well as her more recent love of painting. Oenone has amassed a hugely loyal following of over 100k and has nurtured a tight knit community over years lived online. She frequently hosts book clubs that sell out in seconds. Her podcast Adulting - about all of the things we never got taught in school - has been downloaded over 4 million times. Oenone now co-hosts the brand new podcast, Everything Is Content, and last year she published her debut memoir, Bad Influence; Reflections of a life lived online.

Tanya Compas

Tanya Compas is an award winning youth worker, community builder, social impact consultant and founder of creative youth organisation Exist Loudly, that supports Black LGBTQ+ youth through creative intervention, digital storytelling and spaces of joy. Tanya's career is reflective of her passion and commitment to disrupting the status quo and showcasing the many possibilities of impact possible through play, experimentation and storytelling.