Mark Vanhoenacker

Mark Vanhoenacker is a commercial airline pilot for British Airways and the author of the international bestseller Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot and How to Land a Plane. A columnist for the Financial Times and a regular contributor to The New York Times, he has also written for The Times, The Atlantic, Wired and the Los Angeles Times. Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Mark trained as a historian and worked as a management consultant before starting his flight training in Britain in 2001. He now flies the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from London to cities around the world. In his new book, Imagine A City, he explores cities across the globe and chronicles his personal, often complex, search for the meaning of home.

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5 Speakers, 15 Minutes Each - June 2023

Online, Via Zoom
Online, Via Zoom
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Stories of education, #MeToo, influential women of the Middle Ages, and the world's cities as seen through a pilot's eyes - 5x15 in June