Harriet Gibsone


Harriet Gibsone is a former Guardian culture writer, who began her career as a runner for MTV, before becoming a music journalist in the 00s, writing for publications such as Q, NME, Time Out and Nylon. She spent eight years as a Guardian staff writer and editor and now has a column for its weekend magazine. Her highly anticipated book Is This OK? Becoming a Woman on the Internet, is a memoir of contemporary womanhood that explores Harriet’s own experience with insecurities in the age of the internet, and how her diagnoses of early menopause in her late twenties played a part in this.

Past Events

5x15 x Fenwick: Living Authentically

Fenwick of Bond Street, W1S 1RQ
Fenwick of Bond Street, W1S 1RQ
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For this new Fenwick and 5x15 panel, hosted by Yomi Adegoke, we invite you to consider the power of individuality and being your authentic self.