Gillian Tett


Gillian Tett is the chairman of the US editorial board and editor-at-large at the Financial Times. Perhaps best known for predicting the 2007–8 financial crisis, Tett’s bestselling book Fool’s Gold was one of the definitive books on the crash. Tett holds a PhD in social anthropology from the University of Cambridge, where she studied marriage rituals in Tajikistan. Her work for the FT has taken her around the world – from Brussels to Tokyo to Moscow to New York– and won her numerous awards, including Columnist, Journalist and Business Journalist of the Year prizes at the British Press Awards.


Gillian Tett and Tim Harford on Anthro-Vision | 5x15

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Gillian Tett and Tim Harford

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Online, Via Zoom
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Gillian Tett and Tim Harford in conversation for 5x15 online