Vincent Deary


Vincent Deary is professor of applied health psychology at Northumbria University, where his research focuses on the development of new psychosocial interventions for people with a variety of health complaints, including cancer survivors and fear of falling in older adults. As a clinician he works in the UK's first trans-diagnostic Fatigue Clinic, to help people for whom fatigue is a disabling symptom. He is the author ofHow We Are. His highly acclaimed new book, How We Break: Navigating the Wear and Tear of Living, explores what happens when our minds and bodies are pushed beyond their limits, and makes a bold case for the power of rest and recuperation.

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5 Speakers, 15 Minutes Each - March 2024

Online, Via Zoom
Online, Via Zoom
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At 5x15 in March, join us for five inspiring talks on the food we eat, the generosity of ideas, the wear and tear of living, religion and radical empathy.