Nicholas Crane

Nick is an author and broadcaster whose books and TV films explore geographical themes. In recent years, he has become best known for presenting the BBC2 TV series Coast, Map Man, Great British Journeys, Nicholas Crane’s Britannia and Town. His books include Clear Waters Rising, Two Degrees West and Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet. Published in 2016, The Making of the British Landscape has been praised by the critics as ‘Ambitious, magnificent’ (Guardian); ‘Storytelling at its best’ (The Times); ‘A tour de force’ (Daily Mail); ‘simultaneously scholarly, lyrical and moving.’ (New Statesman); ‘A geographer’s love letter to the British and the land that formed them’ (Sunday Times). Nick’s most recent book, You Are Here, A Brief Guide to the World, argues that geographical knowledge is key to the future of human life on the planet. Between 2015 and 2018, Nick served a three-year fixed term as President of the Royal Geographical Society.