Jaiden Corfield

Jaiden Corfield is an award-winning activist and campaigner from North Manchester who is currently at Oxford studying PPE. He began fighting for change seven years ago at Reclaim, a charity that aims to create the next generation of working-class leaders, launching national campaigns and delivering talks across the country. Jaiden is a trustee for Rekindle school, an advisor for Big Change and a project manager for Ashoka; and the founder of his new venture Outliers.


Jaiden Corfield - Outliers | 5x15 and Big Change

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A New Education Story with Big Change

Online, Via Zoom
Online, Via Zoom
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After a year of homeschooling and no exams, it’s time to ask big questions about education. What do we want to hold onto, what must we get back to, and what needs a rethink?