Ed Bloomer

Dr Ed Bloomer is the author of Black Holes in the Illuminates series. Black holes are often clever plot devices in science fiction films but these objects are real, although fiendlishly tricky to comprehend. Ed provides an accessible guide to one of space's most notorious concepts, with a bit of time travel thrown in. Ed is an astronomer and science communicator. Since joining Royal Observatory Greenwich, he has been involved in the full breadth of the organisation’s programming: creating planetarium shows for all ages , hosting regular Science Fiction movie nights and working with researchers to present up-to-date astronomical information to the Observatory’s many visitors. Ed completed his PhD at the Institute for Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow, primarily trying to work out what happened when small black holes spiralled into bigger ones.

Upcoming Events

5x15 x Royal Observatory Greenwich

5x15 has teamed up with Royal Observatory Greenwich for an online evening of Stargazing Stories to explore the wonders of the universe.