Ash Bhardwaj

Ash Bhardwaj is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and film-maker. He writes for publications including The Telegraph, Times, Guardian, Independent, and Condé Nast; reports for BBC Radio Four and BBC World Service; presents documentaries for Discovery Channel; is the founder of Digital Dandy; and is the co-host of The First Mile travel podcast. He has reported from the most challenging locations on the planet: hiking to Mt Everest with wounded British soldiers, crossing the Bayuda Desert with explorers, and following World War Two secret missions in the mountains of Albania. Ash has walked over 3000km through East Africa, the Himalayas, Central America and the Arabian Peninsula; and in 2018, he travelled 8500km overland through 14 countries and territories along Russia’s European border, to understand Russian disinformation and cultural-political infiltration. Ash has a background in Countering Violent Extremism and Strategic Communications, and teaches Lifestyle Journalism at City, University of London. In 2014 he commissioned as an Officer into the British Army Reserve, where he serves in The Rifles. Ash was born in Windsor in 1982 and was educated at The University of Nottingham, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Poor School, and King’s College London.

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