Simon Liebesny

Simon Liebesny is a freelance editor and publishing consultant. From shortly after September 11th until shortly before Covid-19, he was first mate at Pluto Press, radical publisher of authors including bell hooks, Augusto Boal, Sheila Rowbotham and Ariel Dorfman. In a previous incarnation he was an organiser, trustee and all round wrangler for International Jazz Day, in spite of having absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. He is working on amplifying the WritersMosaic guest edition on Jewish Multiculturalism into a larger project, including panel events, author interviews and further contributions from international authors and artistic creators.

Upcoming Events

5x15 and WritersMosaic

Join 5x15 & WritersMosaic, a division of the Royal Literary Fund, for an evening of storytelling about heritage, identity and Jewish multiculturalism.