Rebecca Frayn

Rebecca Frayn is a critically acclaimed novelist, screen-writer and director. She has just completed a third novel, Wild Things and her screenplay Misbehaviour, starring Kera Knightley and Greg Kinnear, about the Miss World demonstrations in 1970, is out in cinemas in March 2020. She is now in the early stages of development on Wild At Heart, a documentary feature on re wilding.

She has published two novels, One Life (Daily Mail book club choice 2006) which tackles the theme of IVF and Deceptions (one of Foyles Books of the Year 2010) a psychological thriller about a child who goes missing. As a documentary director, Rebecca’s signature films have covered a wide range of subjects from Tory wives, to a mental asylum being converted into luxury apartments to identical twins for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. She co wrote and co directed The Ghosts of Oxford Street with Malcolm McLaren, which won the 1992 ROCKIE award for originality. Many of her projects have championed women’s stories and include Killing Me Softly, a screenplay about domestic violence for the BBC, Whose Baby? a television drama she directed for ITV about fathers rights and a screenplay about Aung San Suu Kyi, The Lady, a feature film which won the International Human Rights Film Award in cooperation with Amnesty International in 2012.

Her work has also focused on environmental activism. In 2008, after directing When I Grow Up, a short viral film on climate change, she co-founded We CAN, an environmental direct action group, before establishing a Friends group to renovate a neglected public park in west London and directed the Green Party Political Broadcast in 2012.


Rebecca Frayn @ 5x15 - The Life of Aung San Suu Kyi