Keggie Carew

Keggie Carew won the 2016 Costa Biography Award for her unconventional and acclaimed memoir, DADLAND, a Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller. This year she is back with QUICKSAND TALES, ‘a riot of fabulously eccentric autobiographical essays’ from a life characterised by her unerring instinct for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. From the downright terrifying encounter with a psychopath to the execrable repercussions of a missing purse, Keggie recycles awfulness and turns embarrassment into gold. Ever been talked into buying a camel? Or become a burglar by mistake? Or drugged a friend on a blind date? “Keggie Carew really has a knack for stepping in it, boy. But the further you wade in with her, the more hilarious, and poignant it all becomes. Quicksand Tales is a tonic for the tortured and cursed.” (Joshua Ferris). Before writing Keggie’s career was in contemporary art. She lives near Salisbury with her ecologist husband, Jonathan, where they have wilded a nature reserve for fauna, flora and the education of young people.