Jeevan Kalanithi

Jeevan Kalanithi is a technologist, entrepreneur and brother of Paul Kalanithi, whose posthumous memoir When Breath Becomes Air is shortlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize 2017. Paul Kalanithi was a neurosurgeon and writer. He held degrees in English literature, human biology, and the history and philosophy of science and medicine from Stanford and Cambridge universities, before graduating from Yale School of Medicine. He also received the American Academy of Neurological Surgery’s highest award for research. His reflections on doctoring and illness have been published in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Paris Review Daily. Paul died in March 2015, aged 37 and is survived by his wife, Lucy and their daughter, Elizabeth Acadia. When Breath Becomes Air is a life-affirming reflection on facing our mortality and on the relationship between doctor and patient, from a writer who became both. It has been shortlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize 2017


Jeevan Kalanithi @ 5x15 - When Breath Becomes Air