Cath Tate

Cath Tate set up Cath Tate Cards in the early 1980s initially to produce political (anti-Thatcher) and feminist postcards to alternative bookshops and other outlets. Over the past 35 years the business has expanded and now sells humorous greetings cards to a wide range of shops across Britain and worldwide. It was during the 1990s while publishing cards showing the work of feminist cartoonists of the time, that Cath Tate first had the idea of curating an exhibition and producing a book showcasing the wide range of work that has been produced by women cartoonists. It was another 27 years before Cath Tate Cards could sponsor such a venture and in 2017 the exhibition The Inking Woman opened at the Cartoon Gallery in London and 2018 when the book of the same name was published.