Chris Blackhurst and Oliver Bullough: Too Big to Jail

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Join 5x15 with leading journalists Chris Blackhurst & Oliver Bullough for a special event on the greatest banking scandal of the century

Chris Blackhurst
Too Big To Jail

Chris Blackhurst is an award-winning journalist and commentator. He worked on investigations for The Sunday Times, at Westminster, and was City Editor of the Evening Standard and Editor of The Independent. He was hailed in the Guardian as “the outstanding story-getter of his generation”. His writing has appeared in many of the world’s leading titles. He is an accomplished broadcaster.

Oliver Bullough
In conversation

Oliver Bullough is a prize-winning journalist and author from Wales, who specialises in the former Soviet Union and corruption. His work appears in the Guardian, the New York Times, GQ magazine, Prospect and elsewhere, and he regularly appears on the BBC, Sky News, CNN and other media outlets. His books include Moneyland, about which John le Carré said: "If you want to know why international crooks and their eminently respectable financial advisors walk tall and only the little people pay taxes, this is the ideal book for you" and most recently Butler to the World.