140 Artists' Ideas for Planet Earth

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Bringing together artists and thinkers to discuss the climate emergency. With Brian Eno, Rob Hopkins, Kostas Stasinopoulos, Carolina Caycedo & chair Rosie Boycott

Brian Eno
140 Artists' Ideas for Planet Earth

Brian Eno is a composer, producer and visual artist. He is widely identified with the appearance of 'Ambient Music' in the 1970s and of ‘Generative Music’ in the 1990s. He has worked extensively with David Bowie, U2, Coldplay, Laurie Anderson, Talking Heads and others. His visual and installation work has been presented in nearly 200 venues over the last 5 decades. Eno is a trustee of Client Earth, director of Earth Percent and co-founder of The Long Now Foundation- a society dedicated to the promotion of long-term thinking.

Rob Hopkins
From What Is to What If

Rob Hopkins is co-founder of Transition Network and Transition Town Totnes, and author of several books, including 'The Transition Handbook', 'The Power of Just Doing Stuff' and most recently, 'From What Is to What If: unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want'. He presents the 'From What If to What Next' podcast, and does a lot of public speaking and writing. He is also a founder Director of the New Lion Brewery in Totnes, the UK's first 100% community-owned brewery, and of Totnes Community Development Society. He holds a Phd from the University of Plymouth, as well as two honorary doctorates, from University of the West of England and from Namur in Belgium. His blog is robhopkins.net and in his spare time he gardens and makes lino prints.

Carolina Caycedo
140 Artists' Ideas for Planet Earth

Carolina Caycedo is a Colombian-American artist who is researching community-led alternative energy production across the Americas. The basis of her campaign for Back to Earth is her long-running investigation into human interaction with rivers, from access to clean water supplies to toxicity levels and the impact of dams. She participates in movements of territorial resistance, solidarity economies, and housing as a human right. Carolina’s artistic practice has a collective dimension to it in which performances, drawings, photographs and videos are not just an end result, but rather part of the artist’s process of research and acting. Her work contributes to the construction of environmental historical memory as a fundamental element for non-repetition of violence against human and non-human entities, and generates a debate about the future in relation to common goods, environmental justice, just energy transition and cultural biodiversity.

Kostas Stasinopoulos
140 Artists' Ideas for Planet Earth

Kostas Stasinopoulos is a curator and art historian. He is Assistant Curator, Live Programmes at Serpentine Galleries, London, working across the institution's interdisciplinary programme, Back to Earth and the General Ecology project.