How To Change Your Life

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change… We need not wait to see what others do.” – GandhiTrapped in the rat race. Bombarded by bad news. Exhausted by society’s insistence that we give, give, give and get nothing back. Is it any wonder that stress and depression are global health emergencies?It’s time to fight back against the rising tide of anxiety and despair, so we’ve partnered with The New York Times to create a new kind of festival – one dedicated to the philosophy of being the change you want to see.We’ve brought together a spectacular line-up from across the globe to share insights for shaking up lives, careers, and society as a whole.You’ll attend masterclasses and keynotes filled with evidence-based ideas for invigorating your physical and emotional health, and growing in compassion, courage and resilience.You’ll meet eminent entrepreneurs and business psychologists, who’ll teach the skills required to thrive in the world of 2019: from leadership to resilience, communication to coping with overload.And you’ll hear from globally renowned politicians, artists and activists on what part you can play in the fight for a better future.This isn’t a day of self-improvement for its own sake: it’s a day of self-improvement for the sake of the planet. The battle for equality, climate justice, and the future of democracy begin with the individual – but before you can change the world, you first need to change yourself. Join us for one unforgettable day in September, and we’ll show you how.SPEAKERSSUSIE ORBACH - Accepting Our BodiesSusie Orbach is the author of the international bestseller FAT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE and the recipient of the British Psychoanalytic Council’s first Lifetime Achievement Award. CAITLIN MORAN - How to Be FamousCaitlin Moran is a TIMES columnist, bestselling memoirist, and award winning critic whose books include HOW TO BUILD A GIRL and MORANIFESTO.JESS PHILLIPS MP - Speaking Truth to PowerLabour MP for Birmingham Yardley, Jess has earned a reputation for plain speaking since being elected, unfazed by threats and calling out sexist attitudes. BARONESS WARSI - On EntrepreneurshipA cabinet minister under David Cameron, now a Baroness in the House of Lords, Sayeeda Warsi is also a distinguished laywer and entrepreneur.MARY ROBINSON - Climate JusticeThe first woman to hold the office of President of Ireland, Mary Robinson is chair of the Elders – the group of elite global statesmen who employ their expertise to advocate for critical global issues.RANGAN CHATTERJEE - The Stress SolutionDr. Rangan Chatterjee is a GP, bestselling author and BBC broadcaster whose pioneering work in the field of progressive medicine is changing the way we think about illness and health.TONY CRABBE - Taking Control of your CareerBestselling business psychologist who specialises in delivering lasting behavioural change at companies including Disney, Microsoft and News Corp.CONNSON LOCKE - How to Access Your Inner PowerLSE lecturer and consultant Connson Locke is a specialist in unlocking the power of nonverbal communication to exert power, influence and charisma.DR. PIPPA MALMGREN - The Art of LeadershipDr. Pippa Malmgren is the co-founder of H Robotics, which makes autonomous aerial intelligence systems. Her book THE LEADERSHIP LAB was named Business Book of the Year.TIM HERRERA - Smarter LivingNew York Times journalist Tim Herrera is the founding editor of Smarter Living, where he edits and reports stories about living a better, more fulfilling life.ANNA PERCY DAVIS - Mastering Resilience and Mental FocusWith a background in investment banking and recruitment, Anna Percy-Davis is a Leading Executive and Careers Coach specialising in improving performance and unlocking potential.RACHEL BOTSMAN - Who Can You Trust?An Oxford University Said Business School fellow and WEF Young Global Leader, Rachel Botsman is a world renowned authority on trust.CLAUDIA HAMMOND - Mind Over MoneyAn award-winning writer and lecturer, Claudia Hammond is BBC Radio 4’s voice of psychology, presenting ALL IN THE MIND and MIND CHANGERS.VIV GROSKOP - How to Own the RoomComedian, broadcaster, and host of the hit podcast HOW TO OWN THE ROOM, Viv also works as an executive coach with women across business, media and advertising.KIMBERLEY MOTLEY - Fighting for Justice in a WarzoneKimberley Motley is an American lawyer and former beauty queen who has made headlines around the world with her ground-breaking legal work in Afghanistan and beyond.EDIE LUSH - How to Speak With Confidence in PublicEdie Lush is a communication and personal development coach. She works with clients to make them conscious and consistent in the way they present themselves in their professional lives. SCARLETT CURTIS - Feminists Wear PinkScarlett Curtis is the curator of bestselling anthology FEMINISTS DON’T WEAR PINK (AND OTHER LIES), featuring new writing from women in the worlds of activism, Hollywood and the arts.BRUCE HOOD - Why We Want More Than We NeedBruce Hood is a professor of Developmental Psychology in Society at the University of Bristol and the author of SUPERSENSE, THE SELF ILLUSION and THE DOMESTICATED BRAIN.ROBERT ROWLAND SMITH - Identifying the Recurring Patterns that Govern Our BehaviourRobert Rowland Smith writes about philosophy, psychology and literature. His seven books include BREAKFAST WITH SOCRATES, DEATH-DRIVE, THE REALITY TEST and AUTOBIOPHILOSOPHY. HENRIETTA BOWDEN-JONES - Overcoming Addictive BehavioursDr Henrietta Bowden-Jones is a medical doctor and neuroscientist working as Consultant Psychiatrist in Addictions.